Radio Scotland

Radio Scotland


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The aim of Radio Scotland is to fill a gap which has until now existed in entertainment in Scotland, to provide light music, features and informative programmes slanted towards Scotland as a nation.

That Radio Scotland has succeeded in so doing is conclusively proven by official statistics, issued by the National Opinion Polls organisation, and stating that Radio Scotland each week captures a listenership of 48 per cent of the adult population of Scotland.

This figure does not include listeners under the age of 16, and there are many of those.

Radio Scotland transmits on 242 metres in the medium wave, a frequency chosen with the utmost care to conform with all international regulations and to avoid interference with any other station or emergency wavelength.

Radio Scotland is one of the pioneers of commercial radio operating at sea in Europe. The world’s first commercial radio station started in America more than 25 years ago. Australia and other Commonwealth countries followed soon after that, and in the United States to-day, some states receive as many as 60 radio programmes, a choice of a kind denied the British public by political policy.